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Look For The Good In Every Day

In the winter of 1992, I attended a funeral for fallen Denver Firefighter Mark Langvardt, killed in the line of duty. I'll never forget the grief over losing a brother, the beauty of a LODD funeral, and the first time I remember crying as an adult. While the death of FF Langvardt was tragic, particularly as the fire was intentionally set, several good things came about as a result which changed the fire service.

Within months of the incident, the Denver Drill was created to train firefighters to rescue others from this very situation. RIT was developed and deployed across the country. The death of Mark Langvardt saved the lives of many future firefighters.

Today, as I watched the funeral for Arvada PD Officer Gordon Beesley, I was filled with the very same emotions felt nearly 30 years ago. While I don't know what good will come from his death, I know I am grateful that Officer Beesley didn't hesitate to run towards danger to protect the citizens of my hometown. I'm grateful for the impact he made during his time with APD. I'm grateful the are others willing to lay down their lives to protect me and my family.

For me, I'll take away Officer Beesley's mantra...

Look for the good in every day.

Practicing that will change the world. Rest in peace Officer Beasley. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13 ESV

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